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Hodjat wins the Lanzendorf Hair Prize

The winner of this year's John J. Lanzendorf Hair Prize is:

Hodjat Pendar, for his paper:

Pendar, H. and J.J. Socha. 2015. Estimation of instantaneous gas exchange in flow-through respirometry systems: A modern revision of Bartholomew's Z-transform method. PLoS ONE 10 (10): e0139508.

This paper was chosen because it has the potential to change the way that physiologists analyze data collected from a downstream source, enabling more accurate determinations of physiological processes.

This is the first Lanzendorf prize awarded in the lab. This prize is given to the best paper of the year from a lab member. The winner gets to choose the fate of the hair on the lab head's head. Hodjat requested, insidiously, that I restore my hair to its original color. The main problem with this is that a) I don't remember what that was, and b) it's just not going to be possible.

Below are the results. I hope you are happy, Hodjat. I look ridiculous. (At least, more than usual.)

Here are some snaps of the process. The lab mascots got involved as well.


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