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*Indicates an author who was a student (graduate or undergraduate) when they contributed to the project.

Animal locomotion: Wing-like femoral lobes help orchid mantid nymphs glide

Socha, J.J. and P.C. Khandelwal.  Current Biology 34(3) R94-98.

| Download: [pdf]
Dynamic gap crossing in Dendrelaphis, the sister taxon of flying snakes

Graham, M.* and J.J. Socha. Journal of Experimental Biology 226: jeb245094.

Cover image | Download: [pdf]
A year at the forefront of gliding locomotion

Khandelwal, P.C., M.A. Zakaria*, and J.J. Socha. Biology Open. 12 (8): bio059973.

| Download: [pdf]
3D X-ray analysis of Laricobius (Coleoptera: Derodontidae), a specialist predator of Adelges tsugae (Hemiptera: Adelgidae)

Hillen, A.P.*, J.R. Foley, M.K. Salcedo, J.J. Socha, and S.M. Salom. Journal of Insect Science 23(3): 19; 1–7.

| Download: [pdf]
Air sacs are a key adaptive trait of the insect respiratory system

Harrison, J.F., E.K.G. McKenzie, S. Talal, J.J. Socha, M.W. Westneat, and P.G.D. Matthews. Journal of Experimental Biology 226, jeb245712.

| Download: [pdf]
Air-to-land transitions: from wingless animals and plant seeds to shuttlecocks and bio-inspired robots

Ortega-Jimenez, V.M., A. Jusufi, C. Brown, Y. Zeng, S. Kumar, R. Siddall, B. Kim, E. Challita, Z. Pavlik, M. Priess, T. Umhofer, J.-S. Koh, J.J. Socha, R. Dudley, and M.S. Bhamla. Bioinsipiration and Biomimetics 18 (2023) 051001.

| Download: [pdf]
Transient use of hemolymph for hydraulic wing expansion in cicadas

Salcedo, M.K., T.E. Ellis*, A.S. Sáenz*, J.L. Lu*, T. Worrell*, M.L. Madigan, and J.J. Socha. Scientific Reports. 13:6298 (2023).

 | Supplementary material | Download: [pdf]
Convergence in Gliding Animals: Morphology, Behavior, and Mechanics

Khandelwhal, P., S.D. Ross, H. Dong, and J.J. Socha. In: Convergent Evolution pp. 391-429 Eds V.L. Bels and A.P. Russell, Springer, New York.

| Download: [pdf]
A biologically accurate model of directional hearing in the parasitoid fly Ormia ochracea

Mikel-Stites*, M.R., M.K. Salcedo, J.J. Socha, P.E. Marek, and A.E. Staples. Bioinspiration and Biomimetics 18 (3) 035007.

| Download: [pdf]
Mallard landing behavior follows a 𝜏̇-constant braking strategy

Whitehead, J.G.*, T. Worrell*, and J.J. Socha. Journal of Experimental Biology 226 (5):jeb244256.

Supplementary material | Download: [pdf]
A living network: complex hemolymph circulation patterns in locust wings

Salcedo, M.K., B.H. Jun*, J.J. Socha, P.P. Vlachos, N.E. Pierce, and S.A. Combes. Communications Biology. 6, 313 (2023).

 Movies | Supplementary material | Download: [pdf]
Material properties of skin in a flying snake (Chrysopelea ornata)

Dellinger, S.B.*, R. De Vita, P.P. Vlachos, M.M. Muñoz, and J.J. Socha. Journal of Experimental Zoology A._339: 269–283.

| Download: [pdf]
Computational anlysis of flying-snake-like horizontal undulation during gliding flight

Gong, Y.*, J. Wang, J.J. Socha, and H. Dong. Physics of Fluids. 34: 121907.

| Download: [pdf]
Isometric spiracular scaling in scarab beetles: Implications for diffusive and advective oxygen transport

Wagner*, J.M., C.J. Klok, M.E. Duell*, J.J. Socha, G. Cao, H. Gong*, and J.F. Harrison. 2022. eLife. 11, 82129.

| Download: [pdf]
The impact of sampling frequency on kinetic outcomes

Renner*, K.E., A.T. Peebles*, J.J. Socha, and R.M. Queen. 2022. Journal of Biomechanics. 135 (2022): 111034.

| Download: [pdf]
Dynamic movements facilitate extreme gap crossing in flying snakes

Graham, M.* and J.J. Socha. 2021. The Journal of Experimental Biology, 10.1242/jeb.242923.

| Download: [pdf+SI]
The aerodynamics of flying snake airfoils in tandem configuration

Jafari, F.*, Holden, D., R. La Foy*, P.P. Vlachos, and J.J. Socha. 2021. The Journal of Experimental Biology. 224(14): jeb233635.

Inside JEB  | Download: [pdf+SI]
Nonlinear elasticity and damping govern ultrafast dynamics in click beetles

Bolmin, O.*, J.J. Socha, A.C. Dunn, M. Alleyne, and A.A. Wissa. 2021. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 188(5):118 e2014569118.

Movie S1 | Movie S2 | Supplementary Information | Download: [pdf]
Frequency-specific, valveless flow control in insect-mimetic microfluidic devices

Chatterjee, K.*, P.M. Graybill, J.J. Socha, R.V. Davalos, and A.E. Staples. 2021. Bioinspiration and Biomimetics. 16(3) 036004. 

| Movie 1  | Download: [pdf]
Visual acuity in the flying snake, Chrysopelea paradisi

Zamore, S.A., N. Araujo*, and J.J. Socha. 2020. Integrative and Comparative Biology. Invited paper in the 2020 SICB symposium "Long limbless locomotors: The mechanics and biology of elongate, limbless vertebrate locomotion".  

  | Download: [pdf]
Circulation in insect wings

Salcedo, M.K. and J.J. Socha. 2020. Integrative and Comparative Biology. 10.1093/icb/icaa124. Invited paper in the 2020 SICB symposium "Melding Modeling and Morphology: integrating approaches to understand the evolution of form and function".  

  | Download: [pdf]
Validity of using 2D video analysis and automated marker tracking to assess continuous sagittal plane running kinematics

Peebles, A.T.*, M.M. Carrol, J.J. Socha, D.O. Schmitt, and R.M. Queen. 2020. Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 10.1007/s10439-020-02569-y.

  | View only: [pdf]
Undulation enables gliding in flying snakes

Yeaton, I.J.*, S.D. Ross, G.A. Baumgardner*, J.J. Socha. 2020. Nature Physics.

  | Nature Video | Nature News & Views | Altmetric media summary | Movies 1-7 | Download: [pdf] [Supplement]
Physiological responses to gravity in an insect

Harrison, J.F., K. Adjerid*, A. Kassi*, C.J. Klok, J.M. VandenBrooks, M.E. Duell*, J.E. Campbell*, S. Talal, E. Alanis*, C. Abdo, H. Pendar, J.J. Socha. 2020. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Altmetric media summary  | Movie 1 | Movie 2 | Download: [pdf] [Supplement]
Going the distance: the biomechanics of gap-crossing behaviors

Graham, M.* and J.J. Socha. 2020. Journal of Experimental Zoology A. 333: 60-73. Invited paper for special issue in honor of R. McNeil Alexander. (Published online in 2019)

  | Download: [pdf]
Functional compartmentalization in the hemocoel of insects

Pendar, H., J. Aviles*, K. Adjerid*, C. Schoenewald*, and J.J. Socha. 2019. Scientific Reports. 9(1): 6075.

  | Download: [pdf]
Patterns of tracheal compression in the thorax of the ground beetle, Platynus decentis

Hochgraf, J.S.*, J.S. Waters*, J.J. Socha. 2018. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine. 91(4): 409-430.

  | Download: [pdf+SI]
How temperature influences the viscosity of hornworm hemolymph

Kenny, M.C.*, M.N. Giarra*, E. Granata*, and J.J. Socha. 2018. Journal of Experimental Biology. 221 (21): jeb186338.

  | Download:  [pdf+SI | pdf]
Developmental plasticity and stability in the tracheal networks supplying Drosophila flight muscle in response to rearing oxygen level

Harrison, J.F., J.S. Waters, T.A. Biddulph, A. Kovacevic, C.J. Klok, and J.J. Socha. 2018. Journal of Insect Physiology. 106: 189-198.

| Download: [pdf]
Burst mode pumping: A new mechanism of drinking in mosquitoes

Kikuchi, K.*, M.A. Stremler, W.-K. Lee, S. Chatterjee*, O. Mochizuki, and J.J. Socha. 2018. Scientific Reports. 8(1): 4885.

Movie 1 | Movie 2 | Movie 3 | Movie 4 | Movie 5 | Movie 6 | Supplement | Download: [pdf]
NSF video animation | Interview of Socha | APS press release | Virginia Tech press release
Control of gliding in a flying snake-inspired n-chain model

Jafari, F.*, S. Tahmasian, S.D. Ross, and J.J. Socha. 2017. Bioinspiration and Biomimetics. 12(6) 066002.

Movie 1 | Movie 2 | Download: [pdf]
Global dynamics of non-equilibrium gliding in animals

Yeaton, I.J.*, J.J. Socha, and S.D. Ross. 2017. Bioinspiration and Biomimetics. 10(2) 026013.

  Noted as a Highlight of 2017 | Download: [pdf]
Bare-hand volume cracker for raw volume data analysis

Laha, B.*, D.A. Bowman, and J.J. Socha. 2016. Frontiers in Robotics and AI. 3: 56.

| Download: [pdf]
Multigenerational effects of rearing atmospheric oxygen level on the tracheal dimensions and diffusing capacities of pupal and adult Drosophila melanogaster

Klok, C.J., A. Kaiser, J.J. Socha, W.-K. Lee, J.F. Harrison. 2016. In Hypoxia: Translation in Progress. Springer US, 285-300. (book chapter)

| Download: [pdf]

Recovering signals in physiological systems with large datasets

Pendar, H., J.J. Socha, and J. Chung. 2016. Biology Open. 5, 1163-1174.

Movie | Supplement | Download: [pdf]
Dogs lap using acceleration-driven open pumping

Gart, S.*, J.J. Socha, P.P. Vlachos, and S. Jung. 2015. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 112 (52): 15798–15802.

NY Times Science Take | Press release | Journal cover | Download: [pdf]

Structure of tracheae and the functional implications for collapse in the American cockroach

Webster*, M., Socha, J.J., Teresi, L., Nardinocchi, P., De Vita, R. 2015. Bioinspiration & Biomimetics. 10 (2015): 066011,

| Download: [pdf]

Estimation of instantaneous gas exchange in flow-through respirometry systems: A modern revision of Bartholomew's Z-transform method

Pendar*, H. and J.J. Socha. 2015. PLoS ONE.10 (10): e0139508.

Code (direct download) (Github) | Supplement | Download: [pdf]

Tracheal compression in pupae of the beetle Zophobas morio

Pendar*, H., M. Kenny*, and J.J. Socha. 2015. Biology Letters. 11 (6): 20150259.

Science Shot | Cover image | Video abstract | Movies | Dryad data | Supplement | Download: [pdf]

How animals glide: from trajectory to morphology

Socha, J.J., F. Jafari*, Y. Munk, and G. Byrnes. 2015. Canadian Journal of Zoology. 93: 901-924.

| Download: [pdf]

Of snakes and robots

Socha. J.J. 2014. Science. 346 (6206): 160-161.

| Download: [pdf]

A theoretical analysis of gliding in flying snakes

Jafari, F.*, S.D. Ross, P.P. Vlachos, and J.J. Socha. 2014. Bioinspiration and Biomimetics. 9(2): 025014.

| Download: [pdf]

Variation in tensile properties of tracheal tubes in the American cockroach

Becker, W.*, M.R. Webster*, J.J. Socha, and R. De Vita. 2014. Smart Materials and Structures. 23 (5): 057001.

| Download: [pdf]

Effects of VR system fidelity on analzing isosurface visualization of volume datasets

Laha, B.*, D.A. Bowman, and J.J. Socha. 2014. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of Virtual Reality 2013). 20 (4): 513-522.

| Download: [pdf]

Lift and wakes of flying snakes

Krishnan, A.* J.J. Socha, P.P. Vlachos, and L.A. Barba. 2014. Physics of Fluids. 26: 03190.

| Download: [pdf]

Aerodynamics of the flying snake, Chrysopelea paradisi: how a bluff-body cross-sectional shape contributes to gliding performance

Holden, D.*, J.J. Socha, N. Cardwell, and P.P. Vlachos. 2014. Journal of Experimental Biology. 217 (3): 382-394.

Video abstract | Journal supplementary video (free via pdf) | Movie 1 | Movie 2 | Movie 3 | Download: [pdf]

NY Times Science Take

Hypoxia-induced compression in the tracheal system of the tobacco hornworm caterpillar, Manduca sexta L

Greenlee, K.J., J.J. Socha, H.B. Eubanks*, G. Thapa, P. Pedersen, W.-K. Lee, and S.D. Kirkton. 2013. Journal of Experimental Biology. 216: 2293-2301.

Journal supplementary video (free via pdf) | Movie 1 | Movie 2 | Download: [pdf]

Dynamics of tracheal compression in the horned passalus beetle

J.S. Waters*, W.-K. Lee, M.W. Westneat, and J.J. Socha. 2013. American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology. 304: R621-R627.

Movie | Movie | Movie | Download: [pdf]

How locusts breathe

Harrison, J.F., J.S. Waters*, A.J. Cease, J.M. VandenBrooks, V. Callier, C.J. Klok, K. Shaffer, and J.J. Socha. 2013. Physiology. 28: 18-27.

| Download: [pdf]

Biomechanics of turtle shells: how whole shells fail in compression

Magwene, P.M.* and J.J. Socha*. 2013. Journal of Experimental Zoology A. 319A:86-98. [published online, 2012]

| Download: [pdf]

Gliding flight in Chrysopelea: Turning a snake into a wing

Socha, J.J.  2011. Integrative and Comparative Biology. 51(6): 969–982.

Movie 1 | Movie 2 | Download: [pdf]

Mechanical properties of tracheal tubes in the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

Webster, M.*, R. De Vita, J. Twigg*, J.J. Socha. 2011.  Journal of Smart Materials and Structures, 20 (2011) 094017.

| Download: [pdf]

Non-equilibrium trajectory dynamics and the kinematics of gliding in a flying snake

Socha, J.J., K. Miklasz*, F. Jafari*, and P.P. Vlachos. 2010. Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, 5 (2010) 045002.

Summary video | Journal supplementary video | Press | Download: [pdf] [corrigendum]

Visceral-locomotory pistoning in crawling caterpillars (Manduca sexta)

Simon, M.A.*, W.A. Woods, Y.V. Serebrenik, S.M. Simon, L.I. van Griethuijsen, J.J. Socha, W.-K. Lee, and B.A. Trimmer. 2010.  Current Biology 20: 1-6.

Video abstract | Movie S1 | Movie S2 | Movie S3 | Download: [pdf]

Issues of convection in insect respiration: Insights from synchrotron x-ray imaging and beyond

Socha, J.J., T. Förster*, and K.J. Greenlee. 2010. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 173S (2010) S65–S73.

| Download: [pdf]

Effects of body cross-sectional shape on flying snake aerodynamics

Miklasz, K.*, M. LaBarbera, X. Chen, and J.J. Socha. 2010. Experimental Mechanics, 50 (9): 1335-1348.

| Download: [pdf]

Canaliculi in the tessellated skeleton of cartilaginous fishes

Dean, M.N.*, J.J. Socha, K.M. Claeson, B.K. Hall, and A.P. Summers. 2010. Journal of Applied Ichthyology 26(2):263-267.


| Download: [pdf]


Synchrotron x-ray visualisation of ice formation in insects during lethal and non-lethal freezing

Sinclair, B.J., A.G. Gibbs, W.-K. Lee, A. Rajamohan*, S.P. Roberts, and J.J. Socha. 2009. PLoS One 2009 4(12):e8259.

Movies | Press release | Download: [pdf]

A plesiosaur containing an ichthyosaur embryo as stomach contents from the Sundance Formation of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

O’Keefe, F.R., H.P. Street*, J.P. Cavigelli, J.J. Socha, and R.D. O’Keefe. 2009. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 29(4): 1306-1310.

| Download: [pdf]

Direct visualization of hemolymph flow in the heart of a grasshopper (Schistocerca americana)

Lee, W.-K. and J.J. Socha. 2009. BMC Physiology 2009 9:2.

| Download: [pdf]

Correlated patterns of tracheal compression and convective gas exchange in a carabid beetle

Socha, J.J., W.-K. Lee, J.F. Harrison, J.S. Waters*, Fezzaa, K., M.W. Westneat. 2008. Journal of Experimental Biology 211: 3409-3420.

Movies | Cover image | Download: [pdf]

Advances in biological structure, function and physiology using synchrotron x-ray imaging

Westneat, M.W., J.J. Socha, and W.-K. Lee. 2008.  Annual Review of Physiology 70: 119-142.

| Download: [pdf]

Use of synchrotron tomography to image naturalistic anatomy in insects

Socha, J.J. and F. De Carlo. 2008. In: Developments in X-Ray Tomography VI: 2008, San Diego, CA, USA: SPIE; 2008: 70780A-70787.

| Download: [pdf]

Increase in tracheal investment with beetle size supports hypothesis of oxygen limitation on insect gigantism

Kaiser, A., C.J. Klok, J.J. Socha, W.-K. Lee, M.C. Quinlan, and J.F. Harrison. 2007.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (32): 13198-13203.

Press release | Commentary | Download: [pdf]

Real-time phase-contrast x-ray imaging: a new technique for the study of animal form and function

Socha, J.J., M.W. Westneat, J.F. Harrison, J.S. Waters*, and W.-K. Lee. 2007.  BMC Biology 2007 5:6.

Movies | Download: [pdf]

Becoming airborne without legs: the kinematics of take-off in a flying snake, Chrysopelea paradisi

Socha, J.J.* 2006. Journal of Experimental Biology 209 (17): 3358-3369.

Movies | Cover image | Download: [pdf]   [pdf with cover]

A three-dimensional kinematic analysis of gliding in a flying snake, Chrysopelea paradisi

Socha, J.J.*, M. LaBarbera, and T. O’Dempsey. 2005.  Journal of Experimental Biology 208 (10): 1817-1833.

Movies | Cover image | Download: [pdf]  [pdf with cover]  [Inside JEB]

Effects of size and behavior on aerial performance of two species of flying snakes (Chrysopelea)

Socha, J.J.* and M. LaBarbera. 2005.  Journal of Experimental Biology 208 (10): 1835-1847.

Movies | Cover image | Download: [pdf]  [pdf with cover]  [Inside JEB]

Chrysopelea ornata, C. paradisi (Flying Snakes). Behavior

Socha, J.J.* and C.A. Sidor*. 2005.  Herpetological Review 36(2): 190-191.

| Download: [pdf]

Gliding flight in the paradise tree snake

Socha, J.J.* 2002. Nature 418: 603-604.

| Download: [pdf]

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