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Our video

For a comprehensive list of the videos from our lab, visit:


Other video

A few other videos related to our work can be found below.

A short overview of flying snakes produced by Virginia Tech: 

A Tedx talk on flying snakes at Virginia Tech, November 2013:

National Geographic's "Snakes That Fly" (which also features colugos), first broadcast in 2010. Phemonenal footage!

Our insect research on the History Channel's "Predatory Dinosaurs Revealed," first broadcast in 2008. The clip starts at 16:40 and ends at 27:40. It describes our work (led by Dr. Alex Kaiser) on why insect giants evolved (more precisely, the scaling of insect tracheal systems and its relationship to the oxygen limitation hypothesis, published in PNAS in 2007). Dr. Kaiser has since returned to his native Germany, and Dr. Wah-Keat Lee is now the Group Leader of the Full-Field X-ray Imaging Beamline and the NEXT Project at Brookhaven National Lab. 

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