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ICE 2016 in the land of Mickey

Joel, Hodjat, and Socha were in Orlando to give talks at the International Congress of Entomology. This huge conference is held every four years, and was in the US for the first time in a while. Our talks were in invited symposia:

Symposium: The Limits of Respiratory Function: External and Internal Constraints on Insect Gas Exchange

Talk title: Inspiration from expiration: How active ventilation in the hissing cockroach informs the design of microfluidic devices (Joel)

Symposium: The Insect Circulatory System: Vital but Widely Neglected!

Talk title: New methods for understanding flow production in the dorsal vessel (Socha)

Symposium: Bioinspiration Crossing Disciplinary Borders

Talk title: The multi-linked mechanism of active ventilation in beetles: An inspiration for novel flow control (Hodjat)

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