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Khaled wins the Librescu Award

Congratulations to Khaled, who won the 2017 Liviu Librescu Memorial Fellowship. From Dr. Shane Ross, the EM Graduate Coordinator, “This award is given to Engineering Mechanics graduate students with outstanding academic records and who have demonstrated strong leadership potential and commitment to professional or community service.” The award is considered one of the EM program’s top honors for graduate students.

In honor of Dr. Librescu, this award equally values scholarship and service. Among other things, Khaled has gone above and beyond in his efforts in serving as the RET program coordinator for the past four years (working with nearly 30 teachers), and his teaching skills served as the basis of his nomination for the campus-wide Graduate Teaching award in 2016.

At work at the Advanced Photon Source:

With the RET group at the Radford ropes course, in 2014:

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