Steve Vogel

Steve Vogel passed away today, succumbing to cancer. Aside from my parents, no other person has had as profound an effect on the course of my life than Steve. I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t have gone into science if it were not for his personal encouragement, inspiration, and energy. As a kid I had an idea of what science might be like from books, but in flesh and in the person, he lived up to every ideal of what I thought a scientist would be. He was boundlessly creative and brimming with ideas, and seemed to bounce around excitedly trying to let you know about the natural world. He saw an interesting mechanical puzzle in every corner of biology, and he was intellectually generous and m

New paper on tracheal mechanics

Congrats to Matt Webster, whose dissertation chapter on insect tracheal mechanics was published today. The bulk of the work examined the micro-scale morphology of tracheae of roaches, and also included finite element modeling of tracheal collapse led by Paola Nardinocchi and Luciano Teresi.


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