Ellen graduates from UK

Congrats to Ellen Granata, who graduated today from the University of Kentucky with a degree in information communication and technology. Ellen worked in the lab for a few summers as a high school student, and even came back over breaks to work on her project. We're about to submit the manuscript on insect blood that she helped with, and she'll be a co-author. (Not bad for a high school student!) Ellen is now working on a master's degree in cybersecurity from Utica College. Good luck Ellen!

Holiday lab brunch at the Palisades

Today the lab gathered together to celebrate the holiday season (and an excellent semester of research) at The Palisades Restaurant in Eggleston, VA. The food here is always great.

Melissa's prelim defense

Melissa successfully defended her PhD proposal in her prelim exam today. Congrats Melissa! The PhD defense will be here soon enough. .


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