Lanzendorf hair prize 2018: Melissa's pineapple

The winner of the John J. Lanzendorf Hair Prize for 2018 is Melissa Kenny, for her paper: Kenny, M.C.*, M.N. Giarra*, E. Granata*, J.J. Socha. 2018. How temperature influences the viscosity of hornworm hemolymph. Journal of Experimental Biology 221(21): jeb186338. This paper was chosen because it is a very strong piece of work — the science was rigorous and well-documented, and the writing was clear and told a nice story. The data and approach were new and were challenging to achieve. The methods took a few years to develop; it was difficult to collect even one good data point per day. We now have good data on the viscosity of insect hemolymph, at least in one stage and species, and it shows


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