Regional SICB at Duke

The lab attended a fun regional SICB conference held at Duke and hosted by Dr. Sheila Patek. Talks were short and snappy, and a nice preparation for the upcoming national conference in New Orleans. The guest speaker was Dr. Brooke Flammang from NJIT, who recently won the prestigous Carl Gans award. From the lab, we heard nice talks from Melissa, Alex, Khaled, Joel, Hodjat, Talia, Jack, and Sharri.

Seminar at Roanoke College

I gave a seminar to students at Roanoke College, hosted by Dr. Darwin Jorgensen. (Of course, Dar HAD to become a biologist, right?) My first visit to the college — really nice place, and it was interesting to see Dar's lab working with aquatic critters.

Seminar at Morehouse College

I visited Atlanta's Morehouse College to give a seminar, hosted by physics professor Dr. Willie Rockward (below). Part of the motivation for giving the seminar was to advertise for a summer research position in the Socha Lab. This trip and the summer research are funded by a grant from Virginia Tech's Institute for Critical and Applied Sciences (ICTAS).


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